Friday, August 10, 2007

Project Progress

I've been working on collecting the info. I need for my project. Once I have my notes complete I think the remainder will go smoothly. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Thing 6

I checked out the flicker site and couldn't believe all of the neat pics and beautiful colors they had. I like space for you eyes to breath though so I only put one picture up of Jet.

Thing 23

I really was excited about 23 Things, then the frustration set in. Working on something for hours only to find out I missed have something so basic really ticked me off. I think a classroom setting would have been very beneficial for these exercises. I'm just glad it's over, it is over isn't it? Overall, I did learn some new neat sites and most importantly I'm more familiar with some of the terms used.

Thing 22

I'm almost there! I have looked into ebooks during LATI traing and talked with Tobain in our IT dept. I have two different views of the ebooks. Tobain makes the point when showing me a smaller handheld display that you can hold as many books as you would ever need in something the size of a hardback with the use of a stylus. That would save so much space, misplaced books and weight in a bookbag. I'm not sure how I would feel about reading one for long periods of time and if you are a student I would worry about the battery going down. My initial thought of using your laptop just seemed unreasonable to me. I still like that a book does not need a power source, and is so portable. With ebooks or traditional it is whatever suits your needs.

Thing 21

I found a Harry Potter podcast and added that to my bloglines. The pod showed up on my list of feeds, ( Bloglines, Feeds and Podcast) but then I could'n't find it when I went to view my blog???? I could view it from the edit screen and I attached it to the 23 things tracking list I just hope it goes through.

Thing 18

I really like Zoho writter it seems very similiar to other word processing tools, so it should be an easy transfer for most people.

Thing 17

When I use wikis I need to get my bareings, I feel like I just stepped into the middle of a conversation. They are user friendly for people that aren't computer savvy, however beacause they are so easy there are to many to preview.